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Waking up in the morning without scrambling around for glasses, or going swimming without worrying about contact lenses - just two of the benefits of having laser eye surgery. It is no overstatement to say that laser eye treatment can be a life-changing procedure, giving people the freedom to do what they want and to see life more clearly.

Why have Laser Eye Treatment?

With thousands of laser eye procedures carried out in the UK each year, treatment has become safer and more affordable than ever. There are now hundreds of laser eye clinics offering high quality surgery across the UK, meaning there’s bound to be one near you. However, if you’ve done some homework you’ll know there is a bewildering array of different treatments and costs, not to mention lots of different companies all offering to give you perfect vision. Laser Eye Clinics UK is an impartial website providing guidance and information to help steer prospective laser eye patients through this minefield, and connect them with reputable laser eye clinics.

Laser Eye Surgery Guide

It’s not worth taking any chances when it comes to your sight, and doing some research about the potential risks, benefits, treatment types and various costs of laser eye surgery, is a vital first step.

  • If you’re thinking about having treatment it’s likely you’ll have a lot of questions - take a look at our Laser Eye Surgery FAQs.
  • From LASIK to Intraocular Lenses, there are several different types of treatment - a quick browse through our guide to laser eye treatment might give you an idea of which one is likely to suit you.
  • It’s important to mention that not everyone is a suitable candidate for a laser eye operation, there are various factors which could influence whether it is the right thing for you. Have a look at our guide to laser eye surgery suitability for more information.

Find out about Laser Eye Treatment

Take the first steps towards perfecting your vision and find out about the advanced laser eye treatment techniques such as Wavefront, now available. Many thousands of people have benefited from a life-enhancing laser eye operation, whether it is to correct long sightedness or short sightedness, including those with strong prescriptions. If you are just starting out and exploring the possibilities of laser eye surgery, there is no substitute for professional advice, and a FREE consultation with a laser eye clinic near you, is the best way to find out more.

Get a Free Laser Eye Consultation

To determine:

  1. whether laser eye surgery is viable for you;
  2. what type of treatment you require, and;
  3. how much it will cost,

you need to undergo a professional consultation with a trained optometrist who can assess the right kind of laser eye treatment for you, and explore your medical history to determine your suitability. To find a laser eye clinic in your area, fill in the form on the right. We will then arrange for a top laser eye clinic to contact you for a FREE, no obligation consultation at your convenience. Alternatively, if you just want to find out more about laser eye procedures, use the form to order a free DVD and information pack. To say thank you we’ll enter you into a prize draw to win free laser eye surgery.

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