Laser Eye Surgery Clinics

Finding a laser eye treatment clinic close to you is more important than you might think - follow-up appointments and post-operative care is required after having laser vision correction. There are many important considerations to think about before having laser eye surgery, and visiting a local clinic may help answer some of your concerns.

What to look for when choosing a laser eye clinic

  1. Qualifications - As a minimum, all surgeons carrying out laser eye correction must be registered with the General Medical Council, but finding a surgeon with a certificate of competence in laser refractive surgery should help ensure that the quality of surgery is of a good standard. Some laser eye surgeons are also members of the British Society for Refractive Surgery (‘BSRS’), and you should be able to find out such information at the initial consultation stage.
  2. Cost of Surgery - Most of the well-known laser eye clinics, such as Ultralase, offer a free initial consultation. However, cost should never be the main consideration when choosing a laser eye clinic. But it is important to be aware that they vary widely, which is why contacting more than one clinic and comparing like-for-like surgery costs may be worthwhile.
  3. Clinic aftercare and backup service - Following laser eye treatment, patients will need follow-up checks with their surgeon, and may need to maintain regular contact with them. The clinic should provide an outpatient service and details of their emergency procedures, along with an explanation of what patients can do if surgery is not 100% successful. It’s vital to ask these questions from the outset in order to be fully comfortable with the surgeon, and clinic.

Find a laser eye clinic in your area

To find your nearest laser eye surgery clinic, fill in our simple contact form to the right, and we’ll do the rest. You’ll be sent a free information pack and DVD along with details of the clinic closest to you. You can also opt to have a FREE initial consultation with a top laser eye clinic in your area, with no obligation or pressurised sales tactics.

Popular laser eye clinics in the UK

South East
London laser eye surgery As you might expect the capital is well catered for and has many laser eye clinics, from high street names to private clinics.

Harley Street laser eye surgery One of the best-known centres of medical excellence, Harley Street s home to some of the country’s top laser eye clinics.

Brighton laser eye surgery Brighton has several well-known national laser eye clinics based there, as well as a choice of smaller clinics.

South West
Bristol laser eye surgery Another city offering first-class laser eye treatment, Bristol serves the South West with a number of laser eye surgery clinics.

We also cover many more clinics across the Midlands, the North, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. More locations coming soon.

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