How much does laser eye surgery cost?

Laser eye surgery costs vary widely between clinics, and depend mainly on the level and type of treatment required. Whilst the cost of laser eye surgery has come down considerably since its introduction in the 90s, there is no such thing as cheap laser eye surgery. Prices for treatment can start from as little as £395 per eye, but many clinics prefer to give a guide price, the exact level of treatment usually being dependent on the individual’s prescription. Those with severe long-sightedness, short-sightedness or astigmatism may need more sophisticated and costly laser eye treatment to correct their vision.

Cheap Laser Eye Surgery

Your eyesight is far too precious to take any chances with, so if you are searching for the cheapest laser eye surgery, perhaps you should change your priorities. The most important consideration should be the quality of the surgeon and clinic carrying out the procedure. You’ll normally require several follow up visits following laser eye surgery, so aftercare quality is also vital. One of the ways to ensure you are dealing with a reputable surgeon or laser eye clinic, is to ask if they are certified by the Royal College of Opthalmologists

Laser Eye Surgery Costs

Prices vary according to which company and surgeon carries out your surgery, the exact techniques and technology used, and the level of refractive correction required, but as a guide , laser eye treatment prices generally fall into the following range:

  • LASEK surgery - from £900 to £1,400 per eye
  • Epi-LASEK - from £400 to £900 per eye
  • Wavefront LASIK surgery - from £1,200 to £2,500 per eye
  • Intraocular lenses (‘ICL’) - from £1,300 to £3,000 per eye
  • PRK - from £600 to £1,100 per eye

Financing Laser Eye Surgery

Some of the well-known companies, including Ultralase and Optimax, offer payment plans to help spread the cost of laser eye treatment. With the most advanced treatments costing well into four figures, this approach makes treatment more affordable and accessible than having to find several thousand pounds out of savings or income.

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