Laser Eye Surgery Guides

Deciding to have laser eye treatment is a major decision - it goes without saying that your eyesight is very important. So it’s vital to gather all the facts and make sure you are fully informed about the benefits, risks, costs and types of treatment before going ahead with it. Of course a good optometrist should take you through all the vital information as part of the consulting process, but for your own peace of mind, it’s useful to be armed with as much information as possible.

Taking a few minutes to look through some of our laser eye surgery guides may help you understand a bit more about this life-changing procedure.

Find more information about Laser Eye Treatment

When it comes to deciding whether to have a surgical procedure like laser eye surgery, you can never be armed with too much information. Use the links below for authoritative sources of information about laser refractive surgery.

The Royal College of Opthalmologists
National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence
British Journal of Opthalmology
General Medical Council
British Society for Refractive Surgery
The Association for Research in Vision and Opthalmology
British Medical Association
The European Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgeons

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