Laser eye surgery in London

As the nations capital, London is a centre for some of the top laser eye treatment expertise available. With reputable laser eye specialists across the city, most Londoners can get specialist vision correction in their vicinity. From small private laser eye clinics, to larger multi-branch clinics such as Ultralase, there is a lot of choice. This means the latest treatments - from Wavefront LASIK to LASEK or intraocular lenses, are available to suit a range of different vision correction needs.

Cost of laser eye surgery in London

Obviously, the cost of laser eye treatment in London varies by what prescription a patient has, and which clinic they choose. Generally speaking, laser eye surgery in London starts from around £400 per eye for the simpler procedures and can cost up to £3,000 per eye for implantable contact lenses (for more severe cases of vision correction). Instead of second-guessing what laser treatment will cost you, a free consultation is the best starting point. Simply fill in the form on the right.

Popular laser eye clinics in London

Ultralase has several laser eye clinics in London, and can provide FREE initial consultations during your lunch break, making it a convenient choice for those whose time is at a premium. A range of finance options are also available to help manage the cost of laser eye treatment.

In London, Ultralase has the following clinics:-

    • Ultralase Tottenham Court Road
    • Ultralase Hammersmith
    • Ultralase Harley Street
  • Ultralase London uses up-to-the minute surgery techniques, carried out by experienced laser eye specialists, certified by the Royal College of Ophthalmologists.

    If you want to find out more about laser eye procedures, simply complete the form to your right, we’ll send you an information pack and DVD with no obligation. To book an appointment for a free consulation with Ultralase, click here.


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