What are the risks of laser eye surgery?

More than 100,000 people opt to have laser eye surgery each year, and treatment is quick, simple and safe. According to a study by the Royal College of Opthalmologists, complications occur in less than 5% of cases and at least 75% of patients who undergo laser eye treatment, should end up with 20/20 vision. So whilst it’s fair to say that if you choose to undergo laser eye surgery, you stand a very good chance of experiencing a substantial improvement in vision, it does carry some risks. A good laser eye clinic should explain all the possible complications to patients, so that they can weigh up the pros and cons before going ahead with surgery.

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Laser Eye Surgery Complications

Laser eye procedures have been proven to be very safe, but amongst the potential risks of laser eye surgery are:

  1. Results are not always permanent
  2. In rare cases, the effects of treatment can begin to wear off after a few years. Such problems are more prevalent in patients with longsightedness, but it is still uncommon.
  3. Patients may require further treatment
  4. Whilst the vast majority of laser eye procedures are successful, some patients may be over-corrected or under-corrected, making further treatment neccessary, Where patients do not achieve excellent vision after their operation, an ‘enhancement’ may be neccessary, but must be done some months after initial treatment to allow the eyes time to recover. Enhancements are rare, but more common amongst those with an extreme prescription.
  5. Dry eye symptoms
  6. Some patients experience dry-eye symptoms following laser eye surgery, which may cause redness and irritation of the eyes. Treatments such as eye-drops and medication to increase tear production may alleviate the problems.
  7. Visual aberrations

Occasionally, patients experience halos around objects and increased sensitivity to light or double vision, but again such complications are thankfully rare side-effects of laser eye treatment.

Please remember, all of these potential complications are rare, but should nonetheless be discussed with patients at the initial consultation stage. To arrange your FREE consultation with a professional vision correction specialist, and explore any concerns you might have about laser eye treatment, simply fill out the form on the right of this page.

Can I reduce the risks of laser eye surgery?

As with any surgery, there will always be complications in some cases, and one of the best ways of minimising the risks is to find a reputable laser eye clinic. The Royal College of Opthalmologists recommends choosing a surgeon who has undergone a minimum of three months formal training in laser eye treatments, and carries out at least 500 laser eye operations per year. To find a laser eye clinic in your area, fill in our contact form - we’ll send you a free DVD and information pack and you could win FREE laser eye surgery worth thousands!

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