Wavefront Laser Eye Surgery - what is it?

The best way of explaining the difference between Wavefront laser eye surgery and less advanced laser eye treatment, is that it is like the difference between an ‘off-the-peg’ and a fully tailored suit. Essentially, it enables laser eye surgery to be finely customised and tuned to an individual’s eye imperfections. In a conventional LASEK or LASIK operation, scanning of the eyes is carried out in conjunction with various pre-operative tests to ensure patient suitability. Refractive laser correction is then carried out according to the prescription a patient has in their glasses. Whilst not quite a ‘one size fits all’ approach, this is a more standardised procedure which cannot fully take into account the very fine higer-order aberrations that define eye characteristics from one individual to another. By contrast, Wavefront technology enables laser surgery to take account of every precise nuance of the eye surface. 

Why is Wavefront Laser Treatment better than other laser surgery techniques?

Using a Wavefront scanner, a precise three-dimensional map of a patient’s eye imperfections is taken before the laser eye surgery is performed. The laser used during surgery to correct vision is then guided by this unique map to shape the patient’s cornea perfectly and achieve the best possible outcome. Other types of laser refractive surgery cannot achieve the same level of accuracy in vision correction as Wavefront treatment, as they rely on standardised measurements to correct the eyesight. This makes Wavefront laser eye surgery a personalised and highly accurate technique.

What are the benefits of Wavefront laser eye surgery?

For those with unusually shaped eyes, Wavefront can be the most effective form of laser eye procedure, as its precisely targeted nature will produce better results than standard techniques. It may also be a good option for individuals with thin corneas, as the laser is guided to remove exactly the right amount of tissue, in the right areas.

Advantages of Wavefront laser eye surgery:

  • It can treat higher prescriptions than other laser eye surgery;
  • The most accurate vision correction procedure available;
  • Recovery time from Wavefront surgery is normally quicker than other treatments;
  • Ideal for patients with thin corneal tissue;
  • Improved night vision and reduced problems of halos and glare;
  • Less chance of needing follow-up surgery;
  • Less occurrence of side-effects compared to other laser eye treatments.

What is the cost of Wavefront laser eye treatment?

Wavefront is a more advanced procedure than other forms of laser eye surgery, and is still a relatively new technique. As a result, not all laser eye surgery clinics use Wavefront technology, but many of the well-known laser eye clinics including Ultralase, do. The cost of Wavefront laser eye treatment is understandably more expensive than some other forms of treatment, but to many patients, the results justify the premium.

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